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Reus Review

Reus SOEDESCO Publishing Reus is a single player resource management/real-time strategy game, and a very enjoyable one at that.  If

WWE 2K17 Review

WWE 2K17 Review! 2K Sports So it’s that time of year. WWE 2K17 is here and we love it, mostly.

Back in the day Duke Nukem, along with Doom guy, BJ Blaskawitz, and Lo Wang; these four guys were the

Sidescrolling platformers are throwbacks from the early days of video gaming. Personally, I love them. Let’s not forget that some

Waking up to not having anyone around and something gone wrong, with you being one of, if not the only

Review by: Maks Bee With both September and summertime winding down, people are heading back to school. Why not create a


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